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When you decide to have a leaflet delivered you are going to make a statement about your company or organisation, its products or services...

And if you don't get that right then the chances are that your leaflet will not achieve the result you want.

So first impressions are vitally important and if you don't make a good first impression on prospective customers then you won't get a good return from your investment in a leaflet drop.

The look and "feel" of a leaflet is crucial - if it is a flimsy piece of paper, looks dull or boring and has too much text or too little information, then your leaflet is much more likely to fail.

If your leaflet looks cheap and unprofessional then the natural conclusion for the householder to draw is that your company/organisation is just like that!

The advent of desktop publishing and the home computer revolution has given almost everyone the tools to create and print a leaflet themselves.

But your leaflet needs to stand out from the rest or at least be competitive with the best. The only way to ensure that is to seek proper advice from professionals.

Because door2door-deliveries is part of the marketing group Media 3, we are uniquely placed amongst leaflet delivery companies because we don't just offer a first class leaflet delivery service.

Media 3 has designers and copywriters who are very experienced in helping to put across the right marketing messages in the best possible way, thus improving your chances of getting a positive response from your leaflet.

The charges we make for this advice are extremely competitive and this extra investment will greatly increase your chances of success.

Whether you go for a single colour or full colour leaflet, you will find the print market is very competitive at the moment and the printing companies that we use are all reliable and offer good value and service.

So before you take the plunge and commit to a leaflet drop, call us to discuss what you have in mind and find out how we can help you improve your chances of a successful campaign. You'll be surprised how little extra it can cost to produce a leaflet that looks good and works!


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