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From time to time, in any organisation or business, things go wrong and occasionally this happens to us!

When we agree to carry out a delivery, we aim to achieve 80% coverage of that area because it is almost inevitable that we will miss properties for a variety of reasons.

The larger the area, the bigger the drop and therefore the greater chance there is of accumulative errors.

Occasionally we find out or our clients tell us that leaflets may not have been delivered to a particular property or a road.

But clients should not immediately assume that because a few properties have not received items then it necessarily follows that there is a major problem with the whole delivery.

What must be remembered is that there is a big difference between some properties missed here and there and a serious case of "dumping" or "fly-tipping" where a deliverer has deliberately set out to deceive us (and our clients) by saying they have delivered all their items when they haven't delivered some, or in the worst case scenario, haven't delivered any.

Some properties have a notice displayed saying ‘No junk mail' and it is our policy not to deliver to those properties unless our client instructs us to ignore those notices because the item is regarded as legitimate mail such as a local authority information leaflet.


So, if you don't regard your item as "junk mail" you need to tell us in advance and then we will ignore these notices and deliver as normal.

There are often genuine reasons for non-delivery. With some properties it can be difficult to find the entrance, the front door and even the letterbox and many's the time we find properties (not just shops) that don't even have a letterbox!

It is quite possible that one member of a household read a leaflet and threw it away before another member of the household even saw it.

If asked, the former would confirm delivery but the latter could not or might even report non-delivery because they are unaware it had been delivered but thrown away!

The trend to have security entrance codes on blocks of flats or residential developments and even individual properties is now much more prevalent and sometimes we don't have the codes to gain access or occupiers simply won't let our deliverer in!

Maps themselves are not always reliable. Most people would expect to be able to rely on a local authority to have accurate maps of their own area, but sometimes even they don't!

Deliveries by postcode can present problems when the property supposedly missed doesn't fall within the designated postcode area. One side of a road can be in one postcode and the other side of a road in a different postcode sub-district so the address wasn't actually missed because it was never going to be delivered to in the first place!  

The road may be so new it hasn't yet been mapped or it may simply be a mapping error.

Sometimes a member of our delivery team may simply make a mistake because they are distracted for some reason and miss a property or think they have done a road when they haven't.


It's easy to do this in areas that are a veritable maze of roads, walks or closes or blocks of flats. We have all at some time or another got lost and confused when trying to find a road (even with a map and directions) and our delivery staff are no different from anyone else - they can get lost too!

So we ask our clients not to immediately jump to conclusions if a few properties appear to have been missed.

What it does mean though is that there may be some cause for concern and so we will thoroughly investigate and get answers.

We will tell our clients what we have found and of course will deliver to any places we have missed.

So if a client becomes aware of a possible problem they must get in touch with us promptly (within 48 hours of the delivery completiton) so that we can look into the matter immediately.

Finding out weeks later when the "trail has gone cold" means there is nothing we can do!


When there appears to be an issue regarding non-delivery then clients can rest assured that we will vigorously investigate and of course resolve the situation.

If you are talking to another leaflet delivery company who tell you that they never suffer from leaflet "dumping" or will deliver to every property, then we suggest you take those claims with a "pinch of salt" because they are being less than honest!

No one is perfect and from time to time things can and do go wrong with leaflet deliveries. The difference between us and some of our rival door to door delivery companies is that we are realistic.

Thankfully problems with our deliveries are very rare and to prove it we can point to clients who have been using our delivery services for over 20 years!

We have many customers who come back to us time and time again because they get great results from the deliveries we have carried out for them.

But don't just take our word for it - see our genuine Testimonials page!


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