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Many leaflet companies that deliver leaflets, magazines, brochures, catalogues and samples place great store in a organising the delivery using postcode planning.

But problems often arise when using postcodes as the basis for a door to door delivery campaign.

The most common is that a postcode planned delivery doesn’t always cover the area that you think it will!

We recently completed a delivery campaign in Portsmouth where the business owner complained bitterly that his branch manager had not received a leaflet “and he only lives across the road from the shop”!

The owner said the delivery “couldn’t have been done properly as we had failed to deliver to a property that’s only a few yards away from the shop!”


When we looked into this there was a simple explanation - the manager lived in PO5 5 but we were delivering to PO5 1 to PO 5 4.

Another issue with postcode planning is that one side of a long road can be in one postcode and the other side of the road can be in a different/adjacent postcode.

So the best way to plan a delivery is to focus on particular roads and to plan your delivery based on our long-established system of delivery rounds which we have devised over the past 20 years.

When we undertake a delivery for you we will show you exactly where we have agreed to deliver your items and when we have finished, we can tell you if there were any properties or roads we couldn’t deliver to for some reason.

But if you want to know where and why we couldn’t deliver your items to some properties then you must tell us that you require that information before we commence the delivery so we can tell our delivery teams to keep accurate records whilst they are carrying out their task.

If we don’t receive that request from you prior to the delivery starting then we will be unable to provide the information once the delivery has been completed.


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