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There is a truism which says that "You'll always find someone to do it cheaper!"

That's the case in almost every walk of life and certainly applies to door to door deliveries.

Over the 37 years that we have been involved with door to door deliveries, we have often been told by customers that "I can get leaflets delivered for £25 a thousand" and sometimes they claim at even less!

Many people shop around for the most competitive price and who can blame them? After all, why pay more when you can pay less - for anything?

When you are comparing prices of leaflet deliveries just stop for a minute and consider if you are really going to get a first class delivery service and a first class job done if you pay so little for it?

Leaflet delivery prices are usually quoted on a cost per thousand basis and of course you don't want to pay over the odds or pay more than you have to.

We were recently told by a client that he was quoted £120 per thousand for a standard A4 size leaflet which is quite frankly ridiculous. Not surprisingly he brought his business to us!

But at the other end of the scale are quoted prices of £25, £15 and even £10 per thousand.

So when you are quoted prices like that, ask yourself some questions about the company you are thinking of trusting with your delivery: "Would I work for such a low price? What sort of wages are they paying their staff? How do they make a profit? How do they stay in business? Do they really have overheads so low that they can do it so cheaply and properly? How can they devote any time to me as a client, tell me when the delivery has started, when it will finish, and where the delivery actually took place?"

The cost of as delivery is made up of many components such as normal business running costs like administration, stationery and phone calls, plus other costs such as transport, storage charges, wages and of course the need to make a profit and pay tax on it!

If your leaflet/item is going to be delivered for a rock bottom price then it is almost certainly going to be delivered with lots of others and maybe even included with one of your competitor's leaflets (see the photo below!).

It will go with six or perhaps eight or maybe even ten other items and will be swamped - a load of ‘junk mail' that will be thrown in the bin because the recipient can't be bothered to wade through it all. Or, worse still, it will be folded inside a magazine or newspaper and never even seen!

That's the only way that the price can be made so cheap, unless of course the deliverers are poorly paid. If the wages for the work are so low then what incentive is there for the delivery staff to do the job properly or even at all? The answer is none!

And what about the statutory Minimum Wage legislation? You don't want to fall foul of the law by engaging a company who doesn't even pay the minimum wage, do you?

So, to sum up, be prepared to pay a reasonable and fair price which is what door-2door-deliveries will charge  you.

If you choose the cheapest quote then don't expect an excellent service at a rock bottom price because life isn't like that.

If someone else can do it so cheaply then you need to ask yourself why that is and perhaps consider another truism - "Cheapest isn't always best!"


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