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Deciding when's the best time to undertake a leaflet delivery campaign is a difficult decision to make and there is no clear-cut, definitive answer to the question!

It may seem to be stating the obvious but using a little common sense will help you avoid some of the pitfalls that can befall a badly planned and poorly thought through leaflet delivery campaign.

Some businesses launch a leaflet delivery campaign when they are in a quiet trading period, hoping to quickly stimulate new sales.

But if it is the time of year when they traditionally experience lower sales levels then they are spending their advertising budget at a time when their returns are likely to be lower too.

It is worth thinking about spending your advertising budget on leafleting or sample deliveries when you are likely to get the best results from a campaign.

Conversely, there is something to be said for undertaking promotional campaigns when your business is not as busy as you would like.

A coal merchant is always very busy as winter approaches and during the cold months but extra sales could be generated at the height of summer with a leaflet promoting special discounts for buying coal in the heat of the summer months!

It really depends on what type of products you sell or service you offer.

If you are a painter and decorator then there is not a lot of point in having a leaflet delivered about outside painting jobs in the run-up to the winter when it is usually too cold for that kind of work to be done. But it is a good time to promote interior decorating services...

Estate agents don't usually bother with leaflet deliveries in December because they know that no one is really thinking about buying a house or selling their home - they are really only in the mood for all things Christmas!

Builders are a similar case in point - no one wants to start a building project at home with Christmas and New Year on the horizon. And people don't think about buying a barbecue in December or January!

But the start of New Year is always a good time for estate agents to be seeking buyers and sellers. It's a time when people begin to think about building work in their homes - maybe an extension, a new kitchen or a conservatory as the spring season approaches - and so a leaflet delivered in February or early March could prompt lots of potential customers to get in touch.

Some businesses can undertake leaflet campaigns at any time of the year - we all go food shopping 52 weeks of the year so for supermarkets there are always customers to be won! And people visit their hairdresser regularly...

So to sum up, a successful leafleting campaign hinges on what kind of business you are in or what you trying to sell.

If you would like to discuss the timing of a leaflet drop then get in touch with door2door-deliveries because we are happy to offer advice and help - and there's no charge for that!

But one piece of advice you must heed is to start thinking about a drop in plenty of time because there is nothing worse than a rushing the design and printing of your leaflets because that's when you can make mistakes and take the wrong decisions.

Planning ahead in good time gives you the best chance of achieving a successful campaign and the sales targets you want!


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