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We offer a door to door delivery service to residential properties only.

Our Solus delivery (from the Latin word ‘alone') means your item will be carefully delivered on its own to the areas you specify.

So, there are no other leaflets or items competing with yours - no other messages vying for the reader's attention.

We can sometimes offer a Doorshare delivery - a shared delivery - where your item is delivered with others which are non-competitive, so you will never find yourself up against a rival with the same offering that you have!

Doorshare only works when someone else wants the exact same area as you at the exact same time so it is often not possible to arrange this - but we will always try!  

Sharing the ‘drop' means sharing all the costs with others and reducing your overall bill whilst at the same time getting your message across to your target audience.

We limit our Doorshare delivery to just three items in total, including yours!

Our experience is that lots of leaflets delivered together are generally viewed as a pile of junk mail and thrown in the bin without even belong looked at! See our article I can get leaflets delivered by someone else for £25!

Many delivery companies will distribute similar leaflets together e.g. a bunch of takeaway menus or supermarket leaflets - often without telling the clients!

All that does is invite a price comparison and is a waste of money. We never do that...

When we deliver as a Doorshare the items are not all folded inside one another - they are carefully put through the letterbox to spread out and be displayed on the doormat so that recipients can clearly see the different items and clearly read the different messages displayed.

Whichever option you choose, you can be sure your leaflet is not going to be stuffed inside a newspaper or magazine to be ignored, or cast in the bin with lots of other items all delivered at the same time.

If you wish to organise a 'Sampling' campaign we can deliver direct to homes or businesses (or both).

We also offer the option of follow-up questionnaires which we can design, create and deliver for you if required.

We can also interview, record and analyse the results of these follow-up surveys for you through our sister company Media 3. 


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